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Submission to Victoria’s Ten Year Affordable Housing Strategy 2021

May 4, 2021 - 13:18 -- Admin

Prosper’s submission focuses on the scope of the strategy. We do not believe that a long term strategy for affordable housing can ignore the political economy of private freehold land ownership. Understanding the distinction between owning a home and owning a financial investment is critical to resolving the wicked problem of housing affordability. Reducing or […]

Land price and the greening economy

April 29, 2021 - 14:55 -- Admin

Renegade Economists Show 594 As broadcast on the 3CR airwaves 6 – 6.30pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Subscribe to the monthly podcast. Show Notes Karl monologues past his doom scroll and into new evolutions in the treatment of carbon pollution. Is a well-being index the centrepiece of the next economy? How can […]

Progress 1130: Coherence

April 20, 2021 - 12:21 -- Admin

Progress Magazine Editorial Celebrating our 1130th edition! Dear readers, I want you to look at the back page graph to remember why this is such an important story. It quickly paints a picture that Australian land prices are out of control. The 1999 halving of the capital gains tax opened the door to rampant land […]

Runaway Land Prices a National Economic Emergency

April 7, 2021 - 09:25 -- Admin

Politicians must act to show genuine leadership • Land prices to rise 65% in 5 years • Mortgage and residential rent burden to increase, less for small business • Inequality determined by property ownership Rising land prices are a national economic emergency, according to economic think tank Prosper Australia, which says the runaway nature of […]

Eviction moratorium ends as vacancy holiday continues

March 26, 2021 - 11:33 -- Admin

Prosper Australia is concerned that government incentives in the property market have gone too far, sending our market spiralling without the necessary checks and balances. Next week’s expiry of the eviction moratorium brings the precarious nature of renters into focus. With jobkeeper finishing, the covid newstart bonus wrapping up and investors facing more stringent rental […]

National Water Reform Submission 2021

March 25, 2021 - 16:41 -- Admin

Download our 2020-21 National Water Reform Inquiry 2020-21 submission (submitted March 2021) Prosper Australia thanks Productivity Commission for accepting feedback on its draft National Water Reform Report. As a non-government organisation with a focus on economic rent taxation and monopoly, our feedback to the Commission is weighted toward markets and trading. Water markets and policy […]

Submission to the 2021 Victorian Budget

March 25, 2021 - 15:55 -- Admin

Download our 2021 Vic budget submission (submitted February 2021) Prosper welcomes the opportunity to contribute to the 2021-22 Victorian Budget. We are an independent, Melbourne-based research institute with a focus on the management of exclusive and essential resource allocation through revenue policy. This includes land and other natural resources, essential services that are most efficiently […]

The Resilience of Extractive Diplomacy

March 25, 2021 - 12:38 -- Admin

Renegade Economists Show As broadcast on the 3CR airwaves 6 – 6.30pm on the fourth Wednesday of the month. Subscribe to the monthly podcast. Show Notes Prof Michael Hudson talks about society’s fragility under the weight of land based debt. How have geo-political debates been defined by the contest between the predatory, extractive model and […]

2020 Land tax reform highlights

February 9, 2021 - 14:14 -- Admin

The year of 2020 was a shocking year for many reasons, from the bushfires to a global pandemic. But there were some positives too, especially for land tax reform. Here are some of the developments that should give us some cautious optimism for the years ahead. NSW’s public consultation on Stamp Duty to Land Tax […]