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March 6, 2022 - 20:31 -- Admin

There is a short video doing the rounds currently, which states that there are some coincidences which cannot be explained, with the implication being that something ‘woowoo’ was responsible1. One of the things stated in this video is that Halley’s comet first appeared the year Mark Twain was born (1835), and the second time it showed up was in the year Mark Twain died (1910)2 .

Internet connection?

March 2, 2022 - 15:19 -- Admin

Our fun with our internet connection began in 2016 when we were baby-sitting our son’s dog, while he was in the process of changing jobs and cities. Our internet (and landline phone) connection comes in under our eaves then travels in a metal pipe which takes the wires down the side of the house to near a grating through which they go under the house. Between the pipe and the grating, the wires are exposed for a few centimetres.

Putin’s folly

February 27, 2022 - 08:41 -- Admin

Why did Putin invade Ukraine? He claimed his goal was to protect people subjected to bullying and genocide in the Donbas and to demilitarise and de-nazify Ukraine There has been no genocide anywhere in Ukraine; it is a democracy and its president, Volodomyr Zelensky, is Jewish. Putin has often accused Ukraine of being taken over by extremists ever since its pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych was kicked out after months of protests against his rule in 2014.

A full Lake George

February 25, 2022 - 10:50 -- Admin

In the last few days I had to drive along the eastern shore of Lake George in southeastern New South Wales. It is called Weereewa in the Indigenous language of the area. The lake is roughly subtriangular and at 25 kilometres long and 10 kilometres wide is quite a decent size. Given its size, it is quite shallow, with its maximum depth only being about 7.5 metres and its average depth only about 1 metre1.

Railing against everything

February 21, 2022 - 18:24 -- Admin

I have had an off and on discussion with a couple of antivaxxers and they railed against the Pfizer vaccine because they said it hadn’t been approved. I sent them to a US Food and Drug Administration website demonstrating that it had been approved quite a while before. There was little comeback from them so they started railing against mRNA vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna) in general because these are only new and have spike proteins (!).

EPIC gullibility

February 14, 2022 - 21:12 -- Admin

Apart from the viral or bacterial illnesses afflicting the Convoy to Canberra people out at the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC) campsite which I mentioned in a previous item1, there have been some hilarious rants coming out of EPIC. It almost goes without saying that some of these have been completely wacky conspiracies. They include the following: