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Religious discrimination, donations reforms, the Liberal man problem, Tasmania election

March 23, 2024 - 01:00 -- Admin

In this episode, we explore the controversial return of the Religious Discrimination Bill to federal parliament. Once thought to be a relic of the Scott Morrison era, the bill has resurfaced during Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s tenure, fulfilling a promise made during the 2022 federal election campaign.

We discuss the implications of allowing religious schools the autonomy to hire staff and enroll students based on faith, amidst concerns over discrimination against non-conforming individuals and the LGBTQI+ community. Despite proposed protections, the debate intensifies over the condition of federal funding to religious institutions. Why should schools have the right to discriminate?

We then shift to the pressing issue of campaign and donations reform. With the Australian Greens and independent crossbenchers championing a new bill, we examine the longstanding resistance from major parties and the potential impact of proposed reforms, including truth-in-advertising laws, lowered donations disclosure thresholds, and limitations on contributions from socially harmful industries. Making these reforms should be difficult, but it always is.

We address the Liberal Party’s internal turmoil, spotlighting the displacement of senior women in favour of male hardliners, a move that exacerbates the party’s ongoing “man problem” and hinders its progress toward gender equality in parliament. As the Liberal Party grapples with declining female representation, we analyse the broader implications for its electoral prospects and public perception.

Finally, we venture into the unique political landscape of Tasmania, where the upcoming election introduces an unpredictable element to Australian politics. Amidst promises of chocolate fountains and AFL stadiums by the Liberal Party, we compare this with the opposition’s focus on cost of living relief, healthcare, and housing affordability. Labor should be a shoo-in for this election but it’s not: then again, Tasmanian politics are quite different to the mainland and the election result is anyone’s guess.

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  2. ‘Plateau’, The Were Vamp & Ansh Raj.
  3. ‘Praise You’, Fat Boy Slim.

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