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Rusted On? – Why I quit the Labor Party

May 31, 2022 - 20:39 -- Editor

The Victorian Labor government has done some fantastic work, but principles have to count for something.

Just for the record, I canceled my membership to the Victorian Labor Party on the 13th May.

Those of you who know me well will know that this hasn’t been a decision I’ve taken lightly, however under the circumstances, it’s a decision that was easy to make.

Hang On To Your Ego- The desperate and the defectors

August 21, 2021 - 11:51 -- Editor

A new party desperate for credibility and three defectors desperate for revenge. When ego’s collide…

Yesterday I broke the story of three members of the Morrison government that were looking to defect to The New Liberals Party.

The article was met with both hope and glee that this could spell the end of Morrison and his regime of rorters extraordinaire. It was also met with a healthy dose of scepticism and doubt.

Exodus – Three members of the Morrison government to quit the Liberal Party?

August 20, 2021 - 18:41 -- Editor

Three Members of the Morrison government are said to be defecting in a move that will send the government into a whole new level of chaos.

Scott Morrison believes in miracles.

Wixxyleaks has it on good authority from multiple sources that at least three members of the Morrison government have decided that hoping for a miracle is not going to cut it and are quitting the Liberal Party in coming days to join the party currently named The New Liberals.