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A tragedy in the east, and unpacking a week of global tensions and domestic drama

April 20, 2024 - 07:55 -- Admin

In a deeply impactful week, the latest episode of New Politics discusses the broad range of events that have not only shaken local communities but also stirred international relations. We begin with the tragic attack at Westfield shopping mall in Bondi Junction, Sydney, where six lives were abruptly ended. This horrific incident prompts a wider discussion on public safety and the effectiveness of weapon control legislation in New South Wales.

We also analyse the high-profile defamation case involving Bruce Lehrmann – he was found to be comprehensive liar, lost the case and was ultimately found to have sexually assaulted Brittany Higgins. The court’s findings and the implications of Lehrmann’s actions illuminate issues of media integrity and the complexities of public perception in high-stakes legal battles.

On the international stage, we look at the escalating conflict between Israel and Gaza, examining the motives behind Israel’s controversial military actions and the broader geopolitical chessboard involving Iran, Hezbollah, and the international community’s stance on Palestinian statehood. We explore the volatile dynamics of Middle Eastern politics and what it means for the global balance of power.

We also cover the recent byelection in the seat of Cook, analysing the political strategies at play and the implications for future elections and for the Liberal Party. We also question the Australian government’s fiscal priorities, juxtaposing a massive increase in defence spending of $50 billion against the backdrop of rising homelessness and mental health issues. There’s never enough money for the things that really matter.

Join us for a comprehensive exploration of these critical issues, where we connect dots across continents and communities, offering insights into the effects of policy decisions, social justice, and international diplomacy.

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  1. “The Numbers”, Radiohead.
  2. “I Fought The Law”, (cover version) The Clash
  3. “Dayvan Cowboy”, The Boards of Canada.
  4. “Unknown Water”, Ella Fence.
  5. “Praise You”, Fat Boy Slim.

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