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Watched Foundation S2. It was good.

September 28, 2023 - 04:35 -- Admin

I loaded up my iPad with watchables before we took off, including the second season of Foundation on Apple TV. I had mixed feelings about that, because I had hella mixed feelings about the first season.

I wasn’t a huge Asimov fanboi, butthurt about a faithless adaptation. I just didn’t think it was very good. I sort of liked Harry, and Salvor was badass. But after that I just didn’t care much about any of them.

STALIN’S HAMMER: All the stuff that happened before World War 3.1.

September 25, 2023 - 23:02 -- Admin

Thanks to everyone who wrote back to say how much they were enjoying or looking forward to the whole Axis of Time story kicking off again. It shouldn’t affect me after so many years. I’m a hard bitten, two fisted writing machine damn it.

But thanks.

One thing I realised quickly was how many people on this list had no idea there were a bunch of novellas sitting between Axis of Time and World War 3.1.

Bulgaria’s second shittiest bus line welcomes you!

September 22, 2023 - 20:16 -- Admin

We’re on our way to Turin for the next week. I has been meaning to write a column on the train but the train was canceled by a landslide.

We booked a couple of bus tickets - the best we could get. Currently standing in the aisle on an overbooked shit box run by Bulgaria’s second worst bus line

The back half of the bus seems to be a mobile home for some sort of extended Turkish crime family

Ho Chi Minh Food Tour.

September 19, 2023 - 00:20 -- Admin

Apologies for not posting. Too busy eating. Right now I’m in Paris, so mostly eating pastries and butter. Last week we were in Saigon, which also has pastries, but a more challenging array of proteins. One wet market I passed through featured live, skinned toads.